Cartoons Are Fun to Read and Watch

In the same way, cartoons are fun to draw. Hard to believe? But it is absolutely true.

Seeing our favorite cartoon characters, playing, enjoying, having fun on the screen, we have all wished to draw them on our books, copies, walls and wherever possible. We have all been searching for an answer to “how to draw cartoons?”. Well, here is the answer. 4anime

You need not be a professional artist, you need not get special classes on how to draw cartoon characters, all you need is the desire to learn to draw cartoons.

The easiest method of cartoon drawing is distortion. As the name suggests, it refers to drawing things disproportionately. For-ex, the head and feet are drawn disproportionately to give a comic effect. This effect is very impressive and attracts many and renders a formal drawing into a cartoon all by itself.

Remember, every drawing starts with a few simple shapes – circles, lines etc – don’t try to add any detail until you are done with the outline. If you are not a seasoned cartoon artist, you will confuse yourself with the details. Therefore, it is recommended to add details, after you are finished with the outline.

With a little practice you will find you can draw just about anything! So the conclusion is Everybody can draw cartoon, even if YOU do not have a talent to draw cartoon

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